We are one of the distinguished companies to supply the finest collection of Motor Protection Circuit Breaker or { MPCB } to our valuable clients. These items are accessible in different specifications according to the demands and needs of our clients.

  • Motor protection circuit breakers are a specialized type of electrical Protection device that is designed specifically for electrcial Motors, like their name implies. Electric motors have plenty of applications and are used to drive mechanical devices of all types, so it is very important to protect them adequately with MPCBs. The following are just a few examples of devices driven by electric motors in commercial and industrial buildings .
  • Rooftop air conditioners, chillers, compressors, heat pumps and Cooling Tower.
  • Extraction and injection fans, as well as air handling units.
  • Water pumping systems.
  • Elevators and other hoisting devices.
  • Industrial conveyor belts and other machinery used in manufacturing processes.
  • In all of these industrial and commercial applications of electric motors, the MPCB has the key role of providing electrical protection.